Introduction to Ayurveda

The main focus of Ayurveda is to bring balance into the body and mind.

The structure of a person’s body can be explained in terms of the three doshas and the five elements. Understanding the doshas is the underlying principle of balancing them and bringing healthy balance to all aspects of life.

Vata is ether and air. It governs our movements and symbolizes creativity and flexibility. Fear, anxiety and abnormal movements are produced when it is out of balance.

Pitta is fire and water. It governs absorption, metabolism and transformation. It symbolizes intelligence and understanding. Anger, hatred, jealousy and inflammations occur when it is out of balance.
Kapha is water and earth. It governs the structure and lubrication of the body. It symbolizes love and forgiveness. Greed, attachment and congestions arise when it is out of balance.

Prakruti is the natural composition of the person, At conception and birth, each person is created with an original combination of the three doshas.

Vikruti is the change in the composition of the doshas, As a person ages, the doshas fluctuate due to lifestyle, diet and social factors, leading to imbalances.

​It is possible to reduce the imbalances through rectifications in lifestyle , appropriate diet , using appropriate herbs and spices in diet, including appropriate ayurvedic practices and yoga in daily routine.

A customized recommendation to balance the doshas is provided by the practitioner during a ayurvedic consulatation.